by kounterclockwise

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7 Mondays produced by Simon Illa art work by Paul Pate


7 Mondays
lyrics by Deacon Burns

Mouths of truth and anguish
choked with cotton
recycled grief within

repent for what i am
quivers the bloodied lamb
i'm the haunted man

slavery begins on monday
they get you addicted then they take it away
six more days until your allowed to pray
now kneel before society and obey

Dead to life in a turbulent lake
As my ballon mind state deflates
the elevator cord brakes

When jumbled in the common box
of mistakes it's so hard not to hate
this creature with distorted features
chaotic behavior
death is in my nature

Decomposed DNA structure
I surrender to my unknown god of torture
Shaving without a mirror my mind is a whore
Death on a cross
hope escapes me once more
Sin my companion and damnation
Shipped wrecked shores
banished salvation disconnected sores

The vanishing knight
the limitless silence
it's so hard to endure
I try and bury the dead
but my pain continues to break through
the earths floor
So kiss the warm brass feet of Mary
outside the church of the greedy
say a prayer for my agony
and the broken backs of the forsaken and needy
for today is as yesterday
parts of a story that once occurred in everybody
characters in this never ending movie of insanity
lost bones scattered throughout a rocky valley

slavery begins on monday
they get you addicted they take it away
six more days until you're allowed to pray
now kneel before society and obey

The night grows distant
under immence clouds of velvet
roots of resistance
my sight contracts
my love is an incomplete sentence
I'm pregnant with pestilence
in the high noon of contemplation
all reason dies by blindness
my lonliness renders me clumsy
another day is mercifully
lost to the angry
The empty sun only shines
on those accepted by society
The unholy giving him his every breath
so the sin grows mighty
down down down to the jaws of hell
baptized in fire
self slavery
so disarm your armored flesh
welcome to exile
please watch your step
mass animal death
sinkholes, ufos, the nwo wants
to eat your soul
unless you do what you're told
and if you don't fit their cookie cutter mold
you're getting left out in the cold

slavery begins on monday
they get you addicted they take it away
six more days until you're allowed to pray
now kneel before society and obey

The rich get rich and the poor get shit
cause the 1% owns every red cent
you work and slave and get treated like a bitch
and when you finally retire you're too old to enjoy it
cause they lie, cheat, steal, strangle, stab, shoot, slash, beat, burn, break,
rape, take, take, take, then take some more
till there's nothing left but pain and stress
and finally death
better watch your step
the political elite want to decapitate and leave you dead in the street
the hill is getting steep.


released October 30, 2015



all rights reserved


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kounterclockwise Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Heights' Alternative Punk-Hop act Kounterclockwise formed over a decade ago in the heart of the South Bronx. From New York City, Kaya Rogue (Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Engineer, Singer, & Musician) and Cleveland native Deacon Burns (MC, Producer, Songwriter, Musician and Engineer)quickly developed their skills while doing production work for several artists from DJ Swamp to Yela Wolf . ... more

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